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Majek Fashek disappointed over rejection of music videos



Legendary singer, Majekodunmi Fasheke, aka Majek Fashek, has maintained that his downward spiral into the abyss of drug abuse that almost ruined his career wasn’t ordinary. He told Sunday Scoop, “I never took drugs. I only took marijuana and alcohol. However, those are things of the past. I still smoke cigarette once in a while but I don’t take wine anymore. In life, everybody has ups and downs, and some of these things are not ordinary. My problem wasn’t ordinary. There was a particular time I traveled outside the country and immediately I got back to Nigeria, I sensed that something had gone wrong. However, they could not destroy my destiny because God is in control.”

The singer also expressed disappointment at Soundcity for refusing to play his music videos. He said, “Uzo (his manager) mesmerised me with that video. He has lived in America for a long time and he has the necessary skill (to shoot good videos). If my videos are not played, then people would think I’m not doing anything but drinking gin and taking drugs. There are a lot of problems in Nigeria today because we are not united, and one of my new songs, Akugbe (Unity), addresses that. If everybody, irrespective of where they are from, join hands and work together, Nigeria would be greater than it ever was.

“In England, we shot a video at Canary Wharf, and when we arrived in Nigeria, we paid Tajudeen Adepetu (CEO of Soundcity) a courtesy visit. When we met after two weeks, he told me the video wasn’t up to their standard. I didn’t find it funny. Meanwhile, we have lots of songs by ‘Yahoo boys’ where girls nearly go naked and they sing about mundane things. Are those ones the quality videos? After sometime, we went back to the United States and shot the video for Akugbe on Red camera, which is one of the best cameras for cinematography. When we got back from the United States, we took the video to Soundcity, and they also said it wasn’t up to standard.  I felt disrespected. That song promotes our culture and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. We should learn to celebrate our own. Which of Bob Marley’s videos were shot with Red camera? Soundcity has a question to answer, to say how that video is not up to standard. Look at some of the songs they play on that particular station and compare the standards with mine.”

His manager, Uzo Omenka, also reechoed the singer’s sentiments. He said, “Majek is a hard-working legend that doesn’t deserve that type of treatment. The man has actually paid his dues and he should be respected. Majek was on the David Letterman Show in 1992, long before people like President George Bush and President Barack Obama had the opportunity to be there. He actually produced this whole album. However, the song is played on other stations such as Hip TV and others.”

Dismissing insinuations that Majek is living on past glory, Omenka said, “Majek’s music is evergreen. If you want to connect with the older generation, you need to play music such as Majek’s songs. Till today, if they play songs such as Send down the Rain and So Long, Too Long, everybody is usually excited.”

Chipping in, Majek said, “Many of the songs I released in the past were ahead of their time. If you say I’m ‘yesterday’s artiste’, what is the new generation of artistes bringing to the table? We need songs that are actually evergreen and pass meaningful messages. Would you want your daughter listening to the new songs with vulgar messages? Some of these songs contribute to the high level of drug abuse and other vices in the country.”



Why Buhari must act now, by comedian Ali Baba



Foremost Nigerian stand-up comedian and actor, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, widely known as Ali Baba recently charged President Muhammad Buhari and Nigerians to be futuristic in their dreams.

The ace comedian who took to his social media page said the present administration needs to be proactive in creating the future for the next generation.

“Buhari needs to act now. He must start creating the future, developing our infrastructures and prepare them for the next generation,” he posted.

“The Eiffel Tower was built in the 1800s. Today, that structure is the centre of the economy of Paris. The Pyramids built in the days of Moses, still feed Egypt. The Walls of China. The leaning Tower of Pissa. The Ruins of Rome… What structures do we have, to drive economic development and help trigger different dreams. Where can you see those iconic landmarks in Nigeria?  How have their values been maximized? Visit our Museums. Yet we want the artefacts taken away, that are getting the best treatment, to be returned. Laughable.”

The 54 years old comedians, however described the present situation of the country as ‘hand to mouth,” “We live from hand to mouth. We sell the oil. Spend it. Drill for more oil. Spend it. And the fraction we even spend is small. The rest of the money stolen. We have been stolen blind. And the thieves are living large amongst us. And we can see them but can’t make them face the music.”

Ali Baba who after completing his academic degree in 1990, relocated to Lagos to develop his comedic talent said he still think about how people tried to discouraged him when he started doing stand-up comedy in 1988.

“In 1988, when I started doing standup comedy, there were many who told me that much. My father disowned me. His reason? He could not see any future in what I did. Many people are limited by history of things and what they already know. Those who create the future get triggered by things that can be seen in the future.

“I look back now and think about how many people tried to discourage me. Those who thought the ladder to success, was exclusively by climbing as a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Banker, Architect, Accountant, Civil Servant… Today, there are comedians who are worth 3 billion (more or less) in assets and liquid cash. There are comedians, whose social impact and economic value has empowered many who are in those core walks of life mentioned above.”

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US Rapper Nicki Minaj to perform in Saudi Arabia



US rapper Nicki Minaj will perform in Saudi Arabia this month, organisers said, triggering a storm on social media as the ultra-conservative kingdom loosens decades-old restrictions on entertainment.

Minaj, known for her profanity-laced lyrics and raunchy music videos, will perform in the western city of Jeddah on July 18, organisers of the ongoing Jeddah Season cultural festival announced on Twitter on Tuesday.

The headline act, to be televised on MTV, will also feature British musician Liam Payne and American DJ Steve Aoki, local media reported.

“She (Minaj) is going to be actively on her social media, she’ll be posting right from the stage in Jeddah and at her hotel in Jeddah,” Robert Quirke, an event organiser, was quoted as saying by the Arab News daily.

“Everyone is going to know that Nicki Minaj has landed in Saudi Arabia.”

The performance in the kingdom, which forbids alcohol and has a strict social code, comes as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman pursues a sweeping liberalisation drive that has led to new cinemas, concerts and sporting extravaganzas.

The news was widely welcomed in a country where two-thirds of the population is under 30, with one Twitter user posting a picture of Minaj and writing: “My dream has come true”.

But it also triggered outrage from conservative quarters.

“She is going to go and shake her backside and all her songs are about sex… and then everyone tells me to wear the abaya. What the hell!” one woman said in a video posted on Twitter.

Saudi Arabia is boosting entertainment that allows citizens to have fun, in what some see as an attempt to blunt public frustration over an economic downturn and high youth unemployment.

The kingdom’s General Entertainment Authority said it plans to pump $64 billion into the sector in the coming decade.

The reform also stems partly from an economic motive to boost domestic spending on entertainment as the kingdom has reeled from low oil prices.

Saudis currently splurge billions of dollars annually to see films and visit amusement parks in neighbouring tourist hubs like Dubai and Bahrain.

While Saudi Arabia is yet to offer tourist visas, the country has fast-tracked electronic permits for international visitors to attend such festivals to further boost revenue.

But such acts have fuelled controversy in a country still steeped in conservatism.

In June last year, Saudi Arabia sacked the head of its entertainment authority, following an online backlash against a circus featuring women wearing skintight leopards.


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TY Bello Recounts Being Sexually Abused As A 7-Year-Old



Prominent Nigerian photographer and singer, TY Bello has taken to social media to share her personal experience as a rape victim.

Her revelation is coming amid the trending rape allegation trailing the global senior pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo. Busola Dakolo, the wife of Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo made the allegations in a tell-all interview with Chude Jideonwo, for YNaija TV.

In a lengthy post she shared on Instagram, the mother of two revealed she was sexually abused at a younger age and she had struggled to keep silent for so long.“I remember how the silence I had to keep after the abuse slowly killed me. I also remember the relief I found in my relationship God so early.

That really was my rescue ..yet for decades I could never find my voice on the matter .. I was still afraid ..Mostly because I felt it may have been the fault of my seven-year-old self .. somehow… Fast forward .. almost thirty years later ..I knew better .. and was ‘big’ enough.

“I understood the importance of stepping up when it was time to share my story .. and ..I did in my @kemiadetiba ‘s #kingwomen interview .. it surprised me, however, how hard it was to talk about sexual abuse after so many years .. but it was such a relief . But soon after came the resistance.

“In sharing ..I faintly began tasting the shame again .. that same feeling of naked ‘dirtiness ‘’ I had as a child .. it hadn’t completely gone away. It also became clear .. that real stories of sexual abuse still sounded like NOVELTY.  I saw headline after headline even in broken English .. this my ‘confession ‘.that ‘ Dem ‘SPOIL ‘ me when I be small pikin’..

“It didn’t feel good that it was so ‘sensational’ as I was aware of how massive a plague this was ..WE CLEARLY ARE NOT TALKING ENOUGH ..too many children sexually abused .. too many sex crimes ..especially now .. right under our noses.

“I had to push past the inner conflict that talking about it was ‘unnecessary’ … it was too long ago ..too ‘Oyinboish ‘to discuss publicly .. ‘. ‘Then of course ..that talking about it now would make it seem like my family failed me as a child .. but they didn’t .. and could never have known .. I had mastered SILENCE !they were victims too.

“Every abuse story is different but it is a SHAME that makes them complicated.

“Sadly, the shame hardly lies with the perpetrators. So I’ve learned that it’s time to nail shame right where it belongs ..Far away from the wronged .. Bringing them instead to healing, justice, and freedom.

“We must teach every child the power of their voices. Apparently, we must teach adults too … and more importantly we must learn to listen .. understand and know that Sex is not a dirty word .. but DENIAL is …”

It would be recalled that Bello had also shared her experience with Kemi Adetiba on her notable ‘King Woman’ series.

Some other celebrities who have shared their molestation and rape stories include OAP Dotun and author Chika Unigwe

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